all of you

to the camera.

Tired of 2 dimensional videos? So are we. 
You, the burgeoning entrepreneur, want to take your marketing to a new level using video. Perhaps you’ve given it a go or two, but watching yourself feels… well somewhat nauseating.
Maybe your performance is boring, or all over the place, or perhaps it’s just missing a certain je ne sais quoi.
Whatever it is it’s certainly not a good representation of the expert you know you are inside… if you could just get it out.
I’m here to rescue you from your mediocre performances!
I use my TV hosting experience to help you break out of that shell and confidently step into your full personality.

From my experience in the spotlight interviewing celebrities and experts, I know exactly how to help you move, talk, and inject interest into videos without:
  • Losing the integrity of quality information
  • Being someone you’re not
  • Getting plastic surgery (see forehead expression wrinkles)
So while there’s bad news…
  • Your videos need help because why else are you here?
  • Video is here to stay
  • It’s only going to get more competitive to stand out
There’s also really good news.
  • You CAN become amazingly interesting without changing who you are!
  • There are simpler ways to do video than you are right now. I have materials for that.
  • Enhancing your personality on camera is actually a universal skill – spilling confidence, authority, and finesse into  many facets of your life. Make no mistake: this is a life changer!
  • No plastic surgery required (but I suppose it helps)
You don’t seem to fit the mold, because you ARE a mold.
So why are you copying everyone else?

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About Jess

Former TV Host & Producer

Jessica Eturralde is a TV Host & Video Coach living the laptop lifestyle 
around the world with her husband & 3 boys. Her prior shows include Louisville 
Rediscovered,  Island Driver TV,The Pet Hui, and 
Around Oahu.

In 2016 she founded Personal!ty
a video coaching agency which helps online
entrepreneurs craft engaging videos and 
provides editing services.

As an entrepreneur, she’s been featured in 
Yahoo, Huffington Post, Voice of America, and 
Ramit Sethi’s “Your Move: The Underdog’s 
Guide to Building Your 

Want to watch my crew and I in action? follow me to watch behind-the scenes footage of what filming REALLY looks like.