I made almost 10K using this VERY simple video strategy

Most online entrepreneurs think this:

  1. Video is the future - so learning how to do it is inevitable
  2. The only way to benefit from videos are to either create engaging youtube videos or do FB LIVES.

While both of these are somewhat accurate, there’s a LOT of overlooked opportunity.

In this blog, I’m going to share exactly how I use videos to acquire clients (that most aren’t doing).

Before I do, can I show you a before and after of someone like you who is doing an AMAZING job? (If you just want to get to the goodies, scroll to the bottom)

Meet Colin, a seasoned executive and Founder of Logical Fox Marketing and ColinScotland.com

Although Colin was a former CEO managing 30 employees, when he spoke on camera he just felt ...different. He felt awkward and couldn’t get used to the lack of feedback from smiles and faces of his audience.

The result was a nervous, bland version of Colin who merely gave instructions on a video... another face in a very big crowd of online marketing.


pssst... are you struggling to come alive on camera (and still be yourself)?

A HUGE challenge he initially had was getting used to FB live. Although he had spoken in public and had dozens of client that he did 1:1 coaching with, there again was something about the “entertaining to a camera” that made him uncomfortable. He shares that in one of his 1st lives ever.

In the process, he learned how to be the fun version of himself (and discovered who that actually was!) on camera without coming off as some fake icky weirdo (per his request).

Soon, he started coming alive.

And then he really came alive.

This could be US ...but you keep playing games with your video strategy - and quite frankly breaking your audience's heart when they don't hear your amazing messages because you keep putting it off.

There were a few times his schedule was full and doing the LIVEs went on the backburner - and some days I had to hold him accountable.
Yet - he always leaned in and bounced back. 

It’s no wonder that after our time together, Colin not only improved his live interaction, but created 5 videos for his website improving client acquisition:

Would you like to see the new (and improved) version of Colin? Watch here:


So why share this feel-good story about Colin?

He’s a busy entrepreneur just like you with clients and a family - and very little time to work on video “improvements”.

He had roughly 2-3 hours a week to devote to video creation, so working with someone who knew EXACTLY what was necessary to address was imperative to his execution.

Sure, he could have taken a course.
Sure, he could have just read a book or googled and watched how-to videos on you tube.

The kicker is: How do you know when what you’re doing is right “enough”?

That’s where the feedback, both live and in between sessions came in. This works, that doesn’t - more of this, less of that and

Move on with growing your business.

But sadly, I might not have ever met Colin and been able to help him without initially connecting with him in an effective, yet meaningful way.

Here's how I generated almost 10K from 2 unedited, unfancy 2- minute videos.

The system:

1] engage with followers ...genuinely

2] message followers a personal message (don’t talk about business at first, but show actual interest in them)

3] ask if there’s anything you can do to help them (specific to your business)

4] go ABOVE and beyond. Create a video feedback

5] follow up

6] if they’re open, ask if they’d like to take it further. If yes, schedule a call with them, if not thank them and still be a contributing friend.

7] Those that you do get on a call with: coach with everything you've got. Study their business and give them the best value you can. Give them the full white glove treatment as if they are your VIP client.

I'll demonstrate by sharing Colin and I's first dialogue. Notice the opener - he gave me a lot to work with, being a CEO, studying jujitsu, and playing guitar and all...

Although my 2nd touchpoint was a DM (now now, put your pitchfork down), I made it as genuine as I could while still advancing the conversation forward.

He stated a challenge that needed addressing and I invested in him 1st by making a quick (but thorough and high-value) video response - which blew him away (simple, effective, and yet people rarely think to do this).

*The video was simple with enough lighting that I wasn't darkened out, my already set up backdrop, and a bulleted list of tips to fix his problem.

Above, I'm creating the opportunity to take our dialogue further if he wishes. I'm fortunate that our timing is just right.

Then we had an epic call and Colin became one of my highest-engaged clients.


  • Video makes you stand out.

While others are responding with text, you expedite to the front of the line when you share a short and relevant clip that instantly fixes their problem. *practice good video etiquette and use only when you’re sure it will be both a benefit to you and your audience - if using in a group, always obey the group rules.

  • Video gives your audience an experience of what working with you would be like.
This is especially effective if you're consulting or coaching clients 1:1. Video makes the dialogue much more personal - imperative for coaching in subjects where the audience has a barrier to discussion

Video is a window into working 1:1 with you. Use every advantage & your audience will see you as a trusted friend.

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Try responding to your audience's challenges with a quick informative video "just because". Test this and watch them respond with appreciation of your personalized time and efforts to help them. Like these:

After they respond, establish an opening to keep the conversation going. Pay attention to their cues and ask questions that direct you on the specificity of their needs, and whether the timing/urgency to act on it is now.

If I could aid you in getting multiple videos out right NOW that are INTERESTING, engaging, and give your audience EXACTLY what they’re looking for, would you be interested?

(example: video workflow, topics, tutorials, promos, course materials, workshops, webinars, scripting, editing, etc DONE.)

If you’re going yes, Yes, YES, then sweeeet lawdy do I have some ideas for you (many that I’ve used to help my clients launch amazing programs AND acquire multiple clients of their own). I invite you to setup a time with me for a call (BYOCoffee).

This call is ONLY for you if:

1] You have a validated business idea that is all your own (no MLM or network marketing plz)

2] Goals include any of the following: create an e course, online workshop, online coaching, and/or youtube video creation.

3] Ready to [finally] get this done NOW. Willing to invest time, money, and energy (of course I’m going to make this waaaaaay faster and easier than if you took yet another course, or read books, or [yipes!] went at it alone)

If I just described you, I KNOW I can streamline the process while making you FASCINATING to your audience. I do it all the time.


But you know you need to create videos, so how can this be streamlined to get great, engaging videos out NOW without sucking up your time and energy? 


+ I will actually make you MORE efficient in getting these out as we streamline your strategy and I hold you accountable to the fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

+ DONE4U editing for your course/website/youtube videos (I have video editors standing by for you!)

Want to know more? Shoot me an email or schedule a free video strategy call here 👉 http://bit.ly/2yf0Z5q

Let's connect here:

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Heidi - a few months ago

What the what!?!? I love this SOOO much Jess!! The before and after of Colin is amazing, and the way you gave him MASSIVE value up front was brilliant! I particularly love how you really made sure he was a right fit to work with you, and even if he wasn’t, he got value bombs and made great progress in his video presence. You ROCK! (Oh, BTW I love the GIANT BUTTON at the end and how you’re so blunt about it!!) xx

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