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I made almost 10K using this VERY simple video strategy

Most online entrepreneurs think this:Video is the future – so learning how to do it is inevitableThe only way to benefit from videos are to either create engaging youtube videos or do FB LIVES.While both of these are somewhat accurate, there’s a LOT of overlooked opportunity.In this blog, I’m going to share exactly how I […]

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Script Hacking for Those that Don’t Like Scripts

Many struggle with stumbling over their thoughts on camera or rambling off task – and ultimately whether or not to script their videos. “It seems like a lot of work.” “But Jess – I’m so wooden when I speak and look like I’m reading like a robot!” “I don’t know how to formulate my thoughts […]

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What Video Equipment Should I Worry About Now?

I often get asked questions about what type of equipment to get to either start or advance their video interaction (whether explainer or live coaching/streaming) to the stage before outsourcing a camera crew to film.  Therefore, I’ve created a reference for gadgets you can use in these earlier stages of shooting.  I’ve purposely chosen to […]

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