What a change evangelist with 100K+ followers can teach you about visibility (It’s not numbers)

What a change evangelist with 100K+ followers can teach you about visibility (It’s not numbers)

So many people come to me and ask “How do I stand out from the noise? …I’m doing exactly what Tony Robbins does. I’m doing word-for-word what Gary Vaynerchuk preaches.” Your value offline and what you’re doing to create success – is because you are being yourself. – Brian Fanzo


When I first heard Brian Fanzo (isocialfanz) talk about the digital space over drinks and oysters rockefeller with a lucky few of us after the Startup757 conference in 2015 – I knew there was something different about his message.

There was (and still is) so much advice out there about how to gain visibility or share your brand that it stand out when someone comes to the platform and basically says “Forget that. Just Be you.”

Since then, I’ve had the privilege to interact with Brian on occasion (while I was still figuring out who “I” was going to be both on and offline) and I’ll tell you that he’s authentic unapologetically – disruptively.


Why is it so disruptive for people to be themselves? It should be the easiest thing for us to do – but it’s not.

“Often you’ll hear the advice of: storytelling > create content > connect with people > have a website – well, what does that do for you? …this advice makes it seem like you have to put up a facade – be something you’re not.”


Many people are trying like I was to figure out exactly who we are. What does that look like? Is it true to my goals and my values?

That’s why I’m glad that Brian created the online course: Be Yourself and I’m happy to create this video review about what I learned in just the trial version alone.

*note: I’m not an affiliate or being compensated to review BeYourself. However, I’m dedicated to bringing my followers only the best influencer content and reviews, and never promote anything I personally do not believe in and support.*


Got questions? I’m happy to answer at jess@personal-ty.com

Want access to the free trial before it closes in April? Get access here.

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