Catchy Crunchy Memorable Video (fb community)

How about joining the ONLY community where you can post your videos for feedback before you publish them to your audience? If you goof up as much as I do, you'll want to join the CATCHY CRUNCHY MEMORABLE Video Community!

There are many ways to participate in this group, and to maximize the value (and make this more beneficial than most video-focused groups out there) the underlying format will go as follows:

MONDAYS: Video Challenge (optional to do to improve and grow in your video skills)

TUESDAYS: Equipment discussions

WEDNESDAYS: Presenting discussions


FRIDAYS: Video Collab

SATURDAYS: Feedback from Jess on video submissions

SUNDAYS: Advice from a top interactor/performer (new person chosen weekly)

++++PLUS you can submit your videos for feedback in the community on a regular basis!