Feeling flat on camera? Fix it fast with video coaching.

If you want to be THE expert on camera but your "performance" is lackluster, book a free 90 minute call and I'll show you how I can help you engage and WOW on video (while still being yourself).

How It Works

Once you book your free strategy session, we’ll meet on a 90 min (or less if well… you gotta run) call where I get to learn about your business and how you see video fitting into that plan. Moreover, we’ll talk about the hurdles you’re experiencing and evaluate the best strategy to get you to your video marketing/presenting goals. 

Many of you have questions that you come to the call with and I’m happy to answer those too! 

In 24 hours, I follow up with an email that invites you to view your customized plan of action and a recorded copy of our session. 

Should you discover that you love the syllabus and want to work together, I will do the joyful dance of joy by my desk.



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Get your lead’s attention!

In my free guide 10KVideo, I demonstrate (with screenshots) 3 overlooked strategies to stand out in the sea of noise that I’ve used to generate 10K and beyond.