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"Let me find what I need to do to create engaging videos easy and fast - and try it so I can see what happens."

The Video Creation Lab Database has all you need to get simplify, expedite, and enhance your videos from where your knowledge currently lies.

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*forum for suggestions/request of subject matter

DIY + A lit​​​​​tle feedback

"I want to learn what I need to do on my own and get feedback on whether it's good enough or not - maybe some on demand coaching on how to improve X & Y."

Everything in the Video Creation Lab Database PLUS

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    FOUR 90 minute sessions with Jess
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    a 20 minute "Meet and Greet" to discuss your strategy goals and how to best apply the VCL System
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    Weekly tutorials/tear downs to see how others are advancing their video presenting, creating, and promoting

$1200 or 6 Payments of $224

Customized Coaching & Feedback

"I'm finally ready for someone to directly show me how to make the recording process easier and help me engage my audience in a captivating way as an industry expert."

Everything in the Video Creation Lab Database PLUS

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    1 FREE 90 minute initial consultation to discuss your needs/desires/priorities 
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    Custom syllabus tailored to where you are and where you want to go
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    TWELVE 90 minute sessions with Jess
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    6 Video Feedback tear downs in between sessions to get maximum results on your video strategy and performance
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    60 day - 100% money-back guarantee
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    Access to ALL materials (and customized materials created for YOU
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    Case Study Interview and Feature

$2600 for 12 sessions (other packages based on needs, goals, and deadlines)

learn how to simplify, expedite, & excite with video marketing training that adjusts to YOU.

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Jo Gifford Founder: Killer Content Academy

Jo says

Before Jess's advice, I had MAJOR video overwhelm and block with recording videos ( I always defaulted to live). Now I'm able to plan what I want to say with impact, know how to set up my studio with confidence, and I'm so excited about leveraging video better.

Tiffany McClain Psychotherapist: Hey Tiffany!

Tiffany says

​Thank you so much. My radio interview was amazing. I went in with confidence and ease - I just pulled it off fantastically! I could not have done it without you.

Colin Scotland Founder: Logical Fox Marketing

Colin says

These sessions are priceless. I came to learn how to make my presenting better, but that's a very small fraction of what I've gotten from our time together.