A select few of us are driven to make ripples in the world, in our business and beyond. We have so much fire burning inside us, and we’re determined to keep going, even beyond our celebrated successes.

How do we identify our purpose and connect it to our work?

Step 1: Utilize the Distillation Quadrant to identify, locate, and connect your passions with clear purpose unique to your stamp in the market.

The purpose of the Distillation Quadrant is to take the pieces of what you already know with your business and lay it out, observing what’s actually under your nose – to use it to its maximum.

Start by drawing out your passions. What about your work gets you excited every day at the sheer opportunity to succeed in it?

Pair these with your audience’s biting problems and what value they see in you in how you address it.

The first 3 steps should be pretty easy for you as a seasoned entrepreneur, and the objective is to work in the 4th quadrant, observing your unique advantage. What’s different about how you approach the problem or solution? Do you offer a considerable guarantee? Going against what everyone else in the market is saying, offering a crazy add on that no one else is doing? Here is where you get creative and work the rubik’s cube of how you can (not compete by lowering your prices) but outthink your competition.

Step 2: Get VERY clear on who you are and the mission of your business using the Clarity Sifter

Write out all of your ideas that encompass your mission and filter it here:

Bonus 1: Journal your goals. The big ones that resonate in the depths of who you are. Make them tangible and work backwards.

Bonus 2: Keep a document where you paste screenshots of publicity wins, client responses, and influencer kudos to look at in trenches of doubt.

Maybe you’ve gotten that down already, and just need to connect your message to those who need to hear it.

I’ll cover how to grasp each in detailed and quickly-applicable exercises in my Supreme Guide to Speaking with Authority On Camera (and anywhere else) that’s due out soon.You can download your copy right now for free.


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