Script Hacking for Those that Don’t Like Scripts

Many struggle with stumbling over their thoughts on camera or rambling off task – and ultimately whether or not to script their videos.

“It seems like a lot of work.”
“But Jess – I’m so wooden when I speak and look like I’m reading like a robot!”

“I don’t know how to formulate my thoughts and be clear.”

Behold, don’t fret!
If putting a script together for your video either sounds daunting or turns you into a robot, do this:
1] Open up a new google or word doc

2] Enter your topic

3] Write your intro sentence (introduce yourself and state the topic)
4] List 2-4 bullet points that are THE POINTS you MUST make in the video. Be very particular what you include (median number is 3)

5] Give each bullet point 2-4 supporting sentences

6] Type your outro (hint: you can wrap it up by summarizing your bullet points only)

7] CTA – Ask your audience to do something next

Script hacking only takes 7-10 minutes and you can adjust it to use for multiple situations, videos, interviews, talks, etc.


Is this helpful? List how you’re going to use this in the comments.

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