Video Creation Checklist: Plan, Filter, and Script Hack your way to engaging videos

Explainer and tutorial videos will be more formal with greater attention to speaking slowly and clearly.
With these, you want to have a script written out, read aloud, and perhaps even feeding through a teleprompter during recording.

Not all video objectives are treated the same.
Whereas interviews, livestreams, and casual videos together will allow you more grace to relax and be more loose with your scripting process.
Instead of writing formal scripts for these, you can apply Script Hacking.
Your Video Creation Checklist
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Plan, Filter, and Script Hack your way to engaging videos

Start with what reels them in. What are their top 3 current challenges and/or desires?
1. Meet your audience where they are. Take them where they want to go.
1] Why are you making this video? What is the purpose?
2] Who is this video for?
3] What’s your specific video topic?
4] What are the takeaways you want viewers to get from
5] What’s the overall tone of this video?
6] What’s the CTA (call to action)? What do you want them
    to do next?
2. Refine Your Message in the Video Creation Filter

3. Clarify your message and get it in the 1st 25 seconds.
Here’s how to make your message ultra potent so your audience has a clear understanding from the get-go on what your video is about and where you’re taking them.
Describe your message as clearly as possible, but don’t leave anything out. This should be no more than 3 sentences long.
Write out your entire message
Attempt to condense your message down to a sentence no longer than the length of a tweet.
Condense your message to one sentence
for optimal potency points.
BONUS: Get your message down to 3 words
4. Script or Script Hack Your Videos
Whether you’re going live, planning an interview, or want to talk casually about your product; script hacking is a 5 minute process you can easily do that will give you clarity on your video’s direction, keep you on subject, and still allow you to be yourself.
Watch the brief demonstration for more.
> a brief intro
> Bullet points you want to make
> 2-4 supporting sentences under that bullet point
> Outro (summary)
To Script Hack, write:
Nowadays, there’s more of a limitation of what actually grabs attention more than ever. Make your videos stand out with a few extra elements like:
controversial topics that gets you angry
a great epiphany – AHA moments
an unsaid truth
humor that makes them snort
shocking claim that peaks their curiosity
raw story that gets them emotional
5. Make it GRAB
In the 1st 20 seconds, discuss specific pain points your clients are experiencing

YOU as the Resolution
Reveal yourself as the solution to that problem.
Simple format for quickie explainer videos
Make it short, make it clear.
Burning Problems
A quick demo/explanation

CTA (Call to Action)
Tell viewers what to do next
HOW you solve the problem
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Jess Eturralde

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Jessica Eturralde

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4 thoughts on “Video Creation Checklist: Plan, Filter, and Script Hack your way to engaging videos”

  1. This was GREAT Jess!!! My favorite part? This simple, easy and to the point outline:

    > a brief intro
    > Bullet points you want to make
    > 2-4 supporting sentences under that bullet point
    > Outro (summary)
    > CTA

    I’m starting a podcast (swapped it for the live show!) and after 8 interviews that I totally OVER scripted, I just “hacked” / “winged” my first one the other day and it went SO great! Conversation flowed organically, and the guest even complimented me on my interview skills and how easy it was to chat with me 🙂

    Such a better approach than over planning – your post was spot on for me today and validates that my approach is good!

    xx Heidi

    1. That’s awesome news Heidi! This format works perfectly for podcasts/interviews because of the open dialogue space and the bulletpoint structure to keep you on task naturally. Good luck on your podcast!

  2. Hi Jessica,

    I love your content and I’ll definitely use the checklist for my future videos.
    I find it hard to read because of too much designy stuff though.
    Looking forward to reading a lot more from you.


    1. Thanks for your feedback and support Denis! Yes, I will agree with you on this format. That’s why I include a downloadable, printer-friendly version (among many other materials) to members of my video course. I appreciate you. 🙂

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