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You want to become an industry expert through webinars, online workshops, and ecourses but...

You haven’t figured out how to quickly write a script that sounds natural when you read it aloud

I'm Jessica Eturralde. Your shortcut to easier videos that captivate, engage, and convert. 

IF you 

  • NEED to amp up the energy and come alive on camera (without being fake)
  • NEED a video strategy that WORKS without becoming a HUGE energy-vacuuming project ...or worse - doesn't achieve what you want it to
  • DESIRE to NAIL the question: "Why would someone watch me?"
Colin Scotland Founder: Logical Fox Marketing

Colin says

These sessions are priceless. I came to learn how to make my presenting better, but that's a very small fraction of what I've gotten from our time together.

Tiffany McClain Psychotherapist: Hey Tiffany!

Tiffany says

​Thank you so much. My radio interview was amazing. I went in with confidence and ease - I just pulled it off fantastically! I could not have done it without you.

Jo Gifford Founder: Killer Content Academy

Jo says

Before Jess's advice, I had MAJOR video overwhelm and block with recording videos ( I always defaulted to live). Now I'm able to plan what I want to say with impact, know how to set up my studio with confidence, and I'm so excited about leveraging video better.

Go from overwhelmed, disorganized, and mumbling video novice to strategic Thought Leader with unshakeable authority.



Real-time feedback on your presenting before, during, and after you record.

What's it like to work with me? Check out these customized programs:

FREE 2 HOUR SESSION with Jessica 


Real-time feedback on your presenting before, during, and after you record.


Hear what Colin, a seasoned executive turned high-end marketing consultant who lacked confidence on videos has to say now.

And Tiffany - the freaked out psychotherapist who NAILED a high-profile radio interview for her new workshops.


If with 60 days of working together you’re not speaking/performing more polished, authentic, clear and interestingly - I insist that you get 100% of your money back. I petition you to record yourself before and after our exercises to track the differences in your presenting. I'm confident you'll be surprised at what you discover.

My coaching experience was built in YEARS of studying communication - as a musician, an entrepreneur, intercultural journalist, leading a non-profit board and of course, television. Nobody else has this same experience as I do.

My guidance isn't just about getting more money (which evidence shows that it naturally increases profit). It's about getting behind the WHY of what you're doing it and using that to propel yourself past the barriers of communication. It's about the ultimate shift - the same one that I experienced to go from socially-awkward to award-winning TV host in 6 months. This is my true desire to build bridges in your life - and not just bridges, but boats and planes and zip lines - because the world needs more meaningful conversations. And if you happen to also make epic content that entertains or gets people thinking... I've done my job.

My objective is to polish you until you're ECSTATIC about the results. However, if for any reason you've implemented my techniques and systems and you're unsatisfied within 60 days - I'll refund the full amount. I've laid it out here - and that's how it's always going to be. Join my 1:1 and see for yourself.

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